Sunday, June 24, 2012

I wish, I wish

Migraine Awareness Month #24: "Dear Genie."
Today’s blogging challenge prompt is to put together a wish list for your life.

How do you even start putting together a wish list for your life? I mean, when you are young, you have these ideas in your head that I guess are wishes, but it’s rare that you ever sit down and put together a list. For me, most of those ideas in my head when I was young about what life would be like were just assumptions; I never realized they actually were wishes. I always thought that certain things would just happen, because I worked hard in school, made good grades, applied myself, stayed out of trouble, etc. Of course I was going to have the career I wanted. Of course I would make great money and be healthy and have a great husband and a “normal” life just like everyone else. Of course that would happen.

Then, it didn’t. All of a sudden those migraines I once had monthly turned into weekly, then quickly turned into daily, then somehow, I barely was able to get out of bed for six months. And all of a sudden, I realized how fleeting all those assumptions were, and how what I thought were foregone conclusions were actually just wishes. Nothing is guaranteed.

So, let’s see. Have my wishes changed much? I’d still love to be able to have a career. I don’t care so much if I make the big, big money, I just want to make enough to be comfortable, take some pressure off my husband and family, and be able to help my parents as they age if they need it. Health. HELL YEAH I wish for health. That, I’d have to say, is my biggest personal wish. If my health improved, I could probably attain most of my other personal wishes, such as having a career or going back to school or finally growing up and knowing what I’m supposed to do with my life. How can you really know what you are supposed to do with your life when you don’t really have any options?

I have many broader wishes that don’t just affect me personally. I wish there were fewer wars. I wish politics weren’t so gridlocked and were more transparent. I wish there was sufficient funds to adequately fund research for ALL the diseases that need curing—especially migraine. I wish my family would always have everything they need to be healthy and happy. I wish I understood more things about life. I wish there weren’t still prejudices against any group in the world. I wish there wasn’t such a term as “working poor”. I wish there wasn’t such a term as “uninsured” or “underinsured”. I wish doctors and patients controlled medical care, and not insurance companies. While I’m wishing, I might as well go full on Mrs. America on you and wish for World Peace. Who doesn’t want World Peace?

I think I may be missing the point of this prompt. I don’t wish for many tangible things. I’m lucky to have all the tangible things I need and most of them that I want. I just need my health now, and the world to make a little sense from time to time.

Oh, I almost forgot. I wish I was writing this from the beach…

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