Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Inspiration

Migraine Awareness Month Blogging Challenge #27: "In My Head and Heart"

Today’s blogging challenge prompt is to talk about who inspires you to keep trying and not give up, despite your Migraines.

There are many people who inspire me to continue to keep fighting, but primarily it’s my family. We are a tightly knit bunch. If it hadn’t been for remembering my family, and the love they have for me, I am sure there are many times I would have just given up on life completely.

My family is a pretty amazing bunch. We are unique in our ordinariness. By that I mean I have two parents still married to each other who just love their kids. They’ve never done those things that lead to a dysfunctional family life, they don’t stress me out, and they just love me. They would go bankrupt if that’s what it took to make me well, and I sometimes worry they might. I have an older brother who has sometimes played the role of a parent, but always played the role of a friend. He’s my team. If everything and everyone else in the world failed me, I would know he’s on my side. My husband, of course, I just can’t say enough about. He didn’t choose this life, but he has adjusted to it in a way that I sometimes just can’t believe. He’s almost too good to be true, but then he’s here, right beside me, and I know that I know that I know he loves me through all our struggles and all my pain and all that I’ve put him through. I don’t know how he does it. I don’t have a choice in this life, but he does. He chooses me anyway. That’s pretty amazing. The least I can do is not give up for them.

Finally, there are 3 kids that I adore. My niece and nephews inspire me to keep on going. They seem to just love me unconditionally without even knowing it. They think I’m cool, they think I’m fun, and they give the best hugs. They get disappointed from time to time when I have a migraine and they want to do something fun with me, but they always recover quickly. My brother and his wife have graciously let me be as big a part of their lives as I can be given the limitations of migraine and depression, and I love them for it. Those kids make my heart want to burst with love. They inspire me to keep fighting and find a treatment for this horrendous disease.

There are others who inspire me in different ways. I have some of the most giving, accomplished, and amazing friends. I am so proud of my friends, and so proud that they have chosen me to be THEIR friend. I am so thankful they put up with all the additional strain that migraines bring to our relationships. I think of them too when I think of not giving up. There are too many to list or go into detail about. It’s my family though, my family who have been there through this whole struggle. They have seen the worst, they know the history, the good and the bad of me, the darkest parts, and have loved me through it.

I just can’t help but be inspired by that kind of love.

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