Saturday, June 2, 2012

Tea for Two--with Michelle Obama?

National Migraine Awareness Month #2: Tea for Two

If I could invite anyone to my home for tea so that I could explain migraines to them, I would invite Michelle Obama. And, I might hedge my bets by inviting Ann Romney too (on a different day, perhaps!) Seriously, though, I have always wondered, though I would never wish this on them, say in 2001, if one of the Bush twins had chronic migraines, what resources might have been devoted to the disease? Or what if one of the Obama girls had them chronically? We need someone with a powerful voice, and large platform to speak about the issue from. In addition, Mrs. Obama has the ear of the most powerful voice in America. While I understand the President doesn't set the NIH agenda, he does recommend their budget (when his budget gets passed) and he influences policymakers. No one influences this President more than his wife.

I would explain the disease to her (it's debilitating), explain how migraine affects our veterans returning home from war (it affects 37% of men and 57% of women returning with concussive head injury), explain how many Americans are affected by migraines (1 in 5), but I would mostly explain my personal story, because there are so many others like me. I would ask her if I was her sister or daughter what would she want to see happen? Is there something she could do to make that happen?

It may also be a little bit selfish that I would choose Michelle Obama, because I think she's fabulous. But if there is anyone who could influence policy for us all, I think it would have to be someone at her level. Or maybe the head of the NIH.... But there's nothing I could tell him or her that they don't already know, and they probably aren't as fabulous as Michelle Obama.... So, yep, I'm sticking with Michelle!

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