Monday, June 17, 2013

Migraine Awareness Month #17: Mission Impossible

The writing prompt for today is from the movie Mission Impossible.

The Mission Impossible movies feature people doing impossible feats with amazingly advanced—and as far as we know—not yet invented, technological gadgets.  It feels often as if getting rid of my migraines is a Mission Impossible.   It seems an impossible feat.  I go to my doctor, and give him his mission, and though he tries, he just can’t accomplish the task.
Perhaps the tools he needs to rid me of these migraines just haven’t been developed yet.  Perhaps he needs some pair of magic glasses that allows him to see into my brain and see the problem.  Or he needs a special briefcase that contains the two chemicals that must never be mixed until I come in and say the magic words that let him know those chemicals were designed just for me.  All I know is that it feels like he needs some magic, and perhaps something that we don’t even have yet, if he’s going to fix me. 

I don’t like admitting this.  I don’t like thinking of my migraines as a “Mission: Impossible”.  I want them to be “Mission:  Accomplished”.  Do I believe one day they will be gone?  That they will be Mission:  Accomplished?  After 15 years of mostly chronic migraines, I don’t even know.  I sometimes wonder if I have given up hope.  I have a doctor, a psychologist, who does his best to force me to hold on to hope.  My husband, family and friends, of course, want me to hold on to hope, but seriously, after 15 years of being a guinea pig with no real success, how would you feel?  I am still grateful for every good moment.  There just aren't enough of them. 

Mission Impossible.  Yes.  I believe I might be a Mission Impossible.  Oh how I wish I weren’t.  

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