Thursday, June 20, 2013

Migraine Awareness Month #20 Star Trek Generations: Migraines and Family History

Today's writing prompt is from Star Trek: Generations:  What role do Migraine/Headache Disorders play in your family history? Do others live with it? Does this make a difference in how you talk about it?  

I have one of those families that is just dotted with migraines throughout.  Since Migraine is a genetic neurological disease, that makes sense, right?  Mostly women in my family have them, but my maternal grandfather had horrible headaches.  Since I have been diagnosed and now have these horrible migraines, my mother recognizes that his headaches were probably migraine.

It hurts my heart to know my grandpa had the same type of head pain that I now suffer with but he didn't have the medical help at his disposal that I do.  I believe he might have had BC Powder.  I have no idea if that worked for him.  I hope it gave him some relief.  I know they tell me he tied a bandanna tightly around his head, to put pressure on his head, which is something I often try to do, though not with a bandanna.  I hope that helped him some too, though if his headaches were like mine, that was a futile measure.  Something that would seem to provide relief but was really only the smallest amount of relief and very temporary.

Now, I have aunts and female cousins on both sides of my family--both my mom's side and my dad's side--who have migraines.  No one has them to the extent I do, I don't think, thankfully.  As much as I hate that anyone of them has to suffer with migraines, it does help the whole family understand me a little better.  They all have husbands or brothers who have seen them suffer through a migraine, and therefore even the men understand me a little better.  My cousins and I can commiserate about our pain, and about events we've missed or how we hate the limitations on pain medicine.  As I said,  I hate that anyone of them has to suffer, and even one migraine is one migraine too many, but it does help to be understood and have people to talk to about it at family gatherings.

What bothers me most is that a new generation in our family is coming up with migraines.  I have two younger cousins, one on each side of my family, who have them now.  This breaks my heart to see kids who have them.  Even though I had them at their ages, I just don't want my cousins to have to go through what I've been through, even a small percentage of what I've been through.  I guess I am not in control of these things.  If I were, boy, lots of things in the world would be different.  That's for sure.

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  1. Julie,

    I feel you. I appreciate the understanding that comes from having relatives who get what I'm going through, but it makes me worried for the generations to come, especially my own children. I don't want either one of them to grow up and have to deal with the kind of pain and symptoms I deal with on a daily basis.

    - Sarah