Saturday, June 29, 2013

Migraine Awareness Month #28: Using Humor to Cope with Migraines

Today's prompt is from Saturday Night Live and it asks how we use humor to cope with Migraines.  

Humor is something that is pretty central to my life. Or rather, laughter. From my 12-year-old nephew to my mom to my husband, I have some pretty funny people in my life who are always making me laugh, and boy, do I need the laughter.  At times, laughter can be a migraine trigger. It's like a form of exertion, I guess.  That sucks. But it's worth it to be around people I love who I make me laugh.  

My mom is great, and she can be just plain silly at times. She has this giggle, it's the the kind of giggle that makes everyone else in the room start giggling and laughing too, and you cry, and giggle until your whole body shakes, and no one can remember why your laughing anymore but you can't stop.  I always say when my mom laughs, the whole world laughs with her!  You just can't help it.  Her laugh is the epitome of contagious laughter.  

My husband is a big cut up. He keeps me laughing too. We get in tickle fights, and I swear he is the ticklish person I have ever known.  So when he starts laughing I start laughing....  His laughter is contagious too.  And he's just silly.  I call him my 12-year-old husband because he is entertained by the same things a 12-year-old would be.  But it's also funny and hilarious.  He keeps me laughing.  

I realize this post isn't necessarily supposed to be about laughter.  It's supposed to be about using humor to cope.  But I need humor from those around me as much as I need my own.  I do use humor, though I admit it's often difficult to find humor in pain. My friends and I joke about who is medication worthy, we joke about being on a first name basis with the ER staff. My husband and I joke about all sorts of things, some not appropriate for print!  Joking and finding ways to be humorous about the situation keeps me from drowning in self pity and sorrow. Who wants to do that or be around someone doing that?  

Thankfully, I've been blessed to be able to find some humor in every situation, and when I can't, my friends can. If I didn't have friends and family to provide me with love and laughter, my life would be empty, just one migraine after another. As I always say, I am a lucky girl in many ways, just really unlucky in one big one.  

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