Sunday, June 2, 2013

Migraine Awareness Month

I hate to admit I've ignored this blog in large part over the past few months.  It's hard to blog about migraines when your life revolves around daily migraines.  June is Migraine Awareness Month, and I am going to dedicate myself to blogging almost everyday.  I think everyday will be more than I can do, so I am going to aim for almost everyday in the hopes that I can hit that goal.

For now though, let me catch you up just a bit.  Last I wrote, I was going back to Philadelphia into the hospital.  We tried lidocaine there again, and it was a failure.  I left the hospital much the same as I went  in, in daily pain.  The good thing that occurred, treatment-wise, was that I put a bug in my doctor's ear about switching our methodology from the trial and error trying to find the right preventives we've done for the past 15 years, to pain management.  He was very much so against treating me with pain management medications at first, but I was at the point that something new had to be done.  I had been a guinea pig, basically, since I had been diagnosed with migraines at age seventeen.  We try one med, see if it works, try another, and another, and another, just trying to find the right "cocktail" of meds that will control my migraines.  Guess what?  In 15 years of experimentation, we've not found the right cocktail.  It's time for a new method of treatment.  So, a month later, at my follow-up appointment, Dr. Y. had come around.  He was ready to try pain management.  I was shocked.  I thought I'd really have to talk him into it, but I think he realized I was getting desperate for relief and what we were doing simply was not working, so it was time.  We had nothing to lose.

Now it's months later, and we've had to do some trial and error with pain management meds too.  I didn't realize that would happen.  That was discouraging.  But finally, in the past two weeks, we have found a medication that is working.  Now we just have to dose it correctly.  That's still a struggle because I want to take a ton of it to control my headaches and of course the doc wants to proceed with caution and protect me, as he should.  I'm impatient and just ready to feel good!!!!  I understand I have to be careful.  I just don't WANT to be careful.  I just WANT to feel good finally.  I'm close.  I'm finally close to something big.  After a lifetime of migraines, and 15 years of uncontrolled migraines, I'm finally close to having them controlled again.  It's hard to be patient.  I trust my doctor, but it's really, really hard to be patient!

I hope all of you have done well since I last wrote.  I will see you more often this month.  Happy Migraine Awareness Month!  Please consider participating yourself.  You can blog, as I am doing here.  You can post a fact a day to your social media acccounts, or on a post it note somewhere unexpected around town.  We have tons of resources and ideas located at

See you soon.

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