Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Shout out to my Boo!

If you've read this blog often, you know I am smitten, intrigued by, and head-over-heels for my husband,C. C takes care of me so well, I can't imagine how he's not burned out and so tired all the time. But not my C.  He says he loves me and his most important job in the world is taking care of me.

A few things he does for me:  I get either Shipley Donuts or Chocolate Gravy every morning because he worries about how little I eat and the mornings are the one time of day I have an appetite.  He brings me whatever I ask for in bed--not because I physically can't get up and get it but because he knows it increases my pain to have to walk around.  He helps me reason through medication options when my brain is trashed from migraine pain and I can't think for myself, and on top of all this, every bit of house work has fallen on his shoulders for months now.  Again, I don't know how he does it, but C does, and still manages to love me in spite of it all. 

He also takes me to the ER in the middle of the night when I need to go, he sits with me in the dark when I have a migraine to keep me company, he brings me medications when it's time and I need them.…. There are very few things C doesn't or wouldn't do for me.  And I love him so for it. 

He tells me someday I'll get the chance to return the favor.  Though I want to return the favor, I don't want him to ever be as sick as I am now.  I know I don't control these things though, and with him being older than me especially, I likely will have to return the favor.  When or if that time comes, if I can be just half the spouse to him that he has been to me, and show him even half the love he's shown me, I'll be a pretty darn good caretaker. Because he's downright amazing.  

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