Friday, October 21, 2016

How and why I am Pro-choice and Pro-life.

Because I have so many friends who are one issue voters, and that issue is abortion, I thought I would explain how I can be pro-choice and pro-life at the same time, and why really, you should be too.

I don't believe either political Party wants there to be abortions. No one likes it. So let's do away with that concept. I don't believe women want unintended pregnancies either, or really want abortion to be their form of birth control, so let's do away with that. 

What I believe is that both Parties want the same thing, to reduce abortions, but just have differing ways of accomplishing this goal.  One Party focuses on laws surrounding abortions, saying if it's illegal it won't happen, though we have evidence saying that's not true. If it's illegal, it might become rarer, but it will definitely become less safe for both mother and child.

The other Party says let's reduce abortion rates by focusing on policies that promote life. Let's make sure expectant mothers have prenatal care and make sure they know that their newborn child will have healthcare, food, and an education. Let's guarantee the same things for the mother, and help with childcare costs where we can. Let's also make sure there are fewer unwanted children by making scientific, evidence based sex education available at all appropriate ages and make sure contraception is available and easy for all to access.

And, the thing is, this promotion of life, as opposed to regulation of women, works.  I'm sure you can guess in the scenarios above which is the Republican Party and which is the Democratic Party.  Democratic Party policies promote life AND reduce abortion rates. Republican Party policies drive you to the polls to vote on this one issue, but they don't actually reduce abortion rates much.

The Republican Party focuses on laws that largely regulate women.  But, when they are in office, when they control the Presidency, both houses of Congress, 2/3rds of the Supreme Court and have high approval ratings (see Bush, George W.) they don't use that power to reverse laws about abortion.  I have "worked" in politics for almost 10 years. I've learned a lot, and a lot that isn't pretty. What I've figured out is that the actual Republican Party doesn't want to overturn Roe v. Wade. (They probably can't anyway.) But if they did, what would drive you to the polls to vote Republican like nothing else?  Please, listen to what I'm saying here. Regardless who holds the Presidency, we are a red nation. We have more Republican Governor's and more Republican State Assemblies than we do Democratic ones. And, the Supreme Court has let the States make some of their own policies, within certain frameworks, around abortion.  But still, it's the issue that drives you to the polls knowing you'll always vote Republican no matter what, because those red states rarely use that power to actually reduce abortions, for fear they'll lose that issue that gets you to the polls, every single time.

Another little tidbit I just learned, while there are other cases that affect abortion, Roe is the biggie. And when Roe was decided, it was a 7-2 opinion. Five of those seven pro-votes were Republican appointees. One of them was actually a Roman-Catholic. Of the two who were against, one was a Democratic appointee and the other was Republican. So much for the Supreme Court argument when it comes to voting and abortion.

Listen to me when I say this again, DEMOCRATIC Party policies reduce abortion rates.  Abortion laws aren't changing much, if at all, so if you care about life, abortion rates are the whole ball game.

I am pro-choice because when it comes to the most intimate decision I or any woman will ever make in my lifetime, I don't want you, or my Governor, or my President or any other lawmaker, really anyone besides my husband and health-care professional, to have a say in that decision.  I believe a woman's body is her own. And her choices about what to do with it should be hers too. 

I am pro-life because I know the Party of choice also saves lives. Lives of the born and unborn.

So instead of regulating women or having your vote manipulated over one issue, let's do things to reduce abortion rates. Let's promote life.

The following article just backs up what I'm saying about abortion rates. I suggest you don't just take my word for it. Read the article. 

To reduce abortion, stop voting GOP!

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