Wednesday, August 2, 2017

A Day in the Life....

I had a doctor appointment a few days ago. I knew at the appointment a migraine was coming, because I could not think of words to save my life. I made it home, only to sleep through dinner, which I also ended up doing last night. Since I don't eat a lot during the day, skipping dinner 2 days in a row isn't good.

I woke up this morning so weak and sick I could barely make it to the bathroom and knew there was NO way I could get to the kitchen for food or meds. Luckily, my husband's job affords him flexibility to come home with food in hand at 10 am-ish. And luckily my phone was charged and handy so I could reach him.

I woke up again, still weak and headachy, everything hurting with fibro pain, at 3pm-ish. Since then, after asking the same question multiple times, my husband has asked "Are you sure you're ok?"  I don't even know how to answer that. I'm as ok as I can be right now with my brain full of fog, hurting all over, and feeling like nothing will ever work as it should again.

But it will. I'll pick myself up and go about life as if all is ok again soon. But days like today and the past few, just kick my tail. I'm just a pile of flesh and bone right now. I'm here, but not. I've missed multiple meetings, had to cancel a trip out and about with my nephew, and just basically stopped life for a few days to wait this feeling out. I hate the missing out part of illness.

But I'm here. So that's something.

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