Monday, June 18, 2018

So. Now what?

I received 140mg of Aimovig this morning, injected in my thighs.  It comes in two, 70mg pens.  So for a 140mg dose, i received an injection in each thigh.  I had no immediate reaction except slight burning.  The nurse was insistent that we not film the injection, but direct people to the patient section at instead.  The patient insert that comes in the box is very informative as well. 

The second dosage will be delivered to my house in less than a month.  It has to be refrigerated,  so we have to set up delivery when we can sign for it, which may be a hassle for some. 

About two hours post injection, I had a uh, intense stomach reaction.  I think that may be more likely at the higher dose.  I've heard of that happening to others as well, so that's why I attribute it to the shot.

Although I was only scheduled to see the NP, my doc stepped out to say hello.  One of his first questions was what are you doing for Democrats in Arkansas?  He gets me.  I love that. I also understand that he knows a good gauge of how I feel is how functional I've been in working for the Party or candidates, and in how I much I've pushed myself to do those things. 

Also, because we both agreed that neither of us know how to say no to causes we care about, should this shot work, I'm supposed to help him bring a "Miles for Migraine" run to Little Rock to raise research funds. 

Someday I'll learn. 

Please, ask anything I failed to cover.  I'll update throughout the month. 

Apologies.... Aimovig!

Apologies friends, I've ignored the blog too long.  As I was taught, if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all.  (That didn't always stick...)  But, at any rate, there hasn't been much good to report on the migraine front in at least 6 months so I've just kept quiet. 

But today is different. Today I get the much anticipated Aimovig injection.  So, I'll post about the injection, and if I can, I may even video the preparation and injection so those of us who don't have it yet know what to expect. 

Please, wish me well. And stay tuned!